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We all know that we need to keep a watchful eye on our baby at all times. That being said, no matter how careful you are you are bound to turn around for a second, and that is enough for your baby to get into trouble. Therefore, it is vitally important that their surroundings are safe.

Never leave your baby alone with a bathtub, or anything they can fall from. Make sure all household cleaners, medicines, small items, and other potential hazards are placed out of their reach or locked safely away. Protect your outlets, attach your cords securely to the wall. Make sure their toys are age-appropriate and haven't been recalled. You may want to contact a professional babyproofer.

Here's the list of resources you need:

Carolina Poison Center

Carolinas Poison Center
Carolinas Poison Center P.O. Box 32861 Charlotte NC 28232-2861
To a child everything in your home looks good enough to eat. Check your home and make sure that all potential poisons are properly stored and out of the reach of small children and pets.


Carolina Baby Safe
9001 Waggoneer Cir, Charlotte, NC 28270-0844
In-house safety evaluations, Supply high-quality, effective safety products; many of which are not available in retail stores, Installation of safety products

Child Proof Advice
Do It Yourself Child Proofing Guide, child proofing products and gifts

A Safe Child
ChildProofing, safety products for sale

Baby Safety Class

A Safe Home for Baby
Baby safety class offered through Carolina Medical Center

Useful Websites

Babyproof Your House with OneStepAhead Outstanding safety products, helpful hints and advice
Childproofing Your Home 12 steps to childproofing your home
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Publications All Recalls
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Publications USCPSC publications on toy safety & related topics. Link to toy safety recalls. Many documents available en Espanol.
Perfectly Safe Perfectly Safe offers parents the ultimate in child safety products to help create a safe, comfortable environment for families.
Safewithin Ever-changing, comprehensive site providing the latest news and tips on family safety, security, health, and well-being. Covers many categories including home safety, personal safety, & travel safety. Information researched by Public Interest Research Groups. Includes consumer tips, potentially hazardous toys, & recent findings and recommendations.

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