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High Tech, High Income Families of Mecklenburg County

            Total Population:  850,178          Total Households: 300,800


  • Median age in Charlotte is 33.
  • 58% of women aged 25-45 have annual income over $75,000.
  • Charlotte is ranked as the 2nd largest banking center in US, the 3rd best city for corporate headquarters, and the 7th best city for business development. (Charlotte Chamber)



  • 34% of all family households have children under 18.
  • Over 56,000 children are under the age of five; 193,112 are between the ages of 5 and 18 (US Census 2004 Estimate)

Internet Use

  • 70% of parents with a child at home use the Internet, compared to 53% of non-parents. (Pew Internet Project Tracking Report).  
  • The most popular online activities for mothers are e-mail communication (97%), getting news and current events information (93%) and getting local information (90%). (Digital Marketing Services, a div. of AOL, April 2002).  

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